Company History

  • Introduction

    At NEW WAVE, we are committed and focussed on developing and introducing top quality yet affordable modern tools for Pakistani market with assurance of strict quality control and timely delivery to our customers.

  • Modern Tech

    Counterfeit currency has increasingly become a big issue in both local and international market, for past few years. Particularly, in the Pakistani market, the selling of malfunctioning, non-branded and low quality equipment to detect fake currency is another issue that misled many consumers and shattered their trust for using modern tools for this purpose.

  • Reliable Machine

    We do feel concerned about the hard-earned money of our customers and so is the reason that we decided to get into the development and designing of our own operating software and hardware of currency detecting and counting machines. This idea led us to successfully introduce such smart and reliable cash counting machines that can detect and differentiate counterfeit currencies (especially PKR) by using advanced currency processing and fake note detection technology.

  • Customers Support

    We have strong offshore collaboration with one of Asia’s top rated technical facility for our product design and development and equally strong backup and maintenance facility locally for our customers in Pakistan. We have been fulfilling the equipment needs of banks, large and small financial institutions and private business firms for over 2 years.

  • Customers Satisfaction

    Providing top quality equipment, trusted after sales and reliable customer service response, NEW WAVE has built a proven track record of repeat and referral customers, even within this much short span of its business operations. Alhamdolillah, we have earned the reputation of a respected and trustworthy company that offers consistently reliable and dependable modern equipment.

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We are honour to announced that we are certified by “Health Asia” , “IEEEP” ,  “Food Technology and Hospitality Show” , “Global Textile” , “Pakistan Paper and Stationary Show” , “Food Technology Asia.”
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